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At Kawartha Courier, we understand that today's business climate is one that demands 100% efficiency. Your business cannot afford to miss or delay an important shipment. Let us use our expertise of time-critical delivery to maximize your company's competitive edge when it comes to fast shipping!

Kawartha Courier Delivery van

Same Day GTA

Kawartha Courier has been providing a daily same-day delivery shuttle between Greater Toronto & the Peterborough area every business day since 1998. With our same-day delivery, business can be conducted between the cities more efficiently, without waiting for over night shipments. No need to take a day off of work or send an hourly employee, it is as simple as a phone call!

GTA Truck

Daily pick-up & delivery of skid loads between Greater Toronto & Peterborough region in a straight truck. We operate this truck run daily to service skids, general freight & LTL shipments. Give us a call with your shipping needs.

Expedited Direct Drives

Kawartha Courier also services direct drive shipments! While focusing on the GTA with our own equipment & drivers, we can service a direct drive anywhere in Ontario with one of our broker drivers or agents. We specialize in time critical, special handling shipments, whether large or small. Clients have to come to count on us for direct delivery when it really counts!