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Courier Delivery Case Studies

Case Studies

Liberating An Employee

A manufacturing company running a busy factory in Peterborough with daily vendor requirements in the GTA. When they contacted us they were operating a company owned 5 ton straight truck with an hourly employee. We set up a flat rate weekly price to take care of shipping needs to and from the GTA on a daily basis. They were able to eliminate their company owned truck and maintenance expenses and re-assign the employee to a job within the factory. We gave them an easy solution to take care of their urgent shipping requirements in a more economical and efficient manner. They no longer have to worry about managing the truck or driver knowing they can trust Kawartha Courier to take care of it!

Keeping Up With Demand

A large company in Peterborough was operating their own cargo van to and from the GTA everyday and were struggling to get everything delivered and picked up each day. They contacted Kawartha Courier for a possible solution and we again provided a flat rate to service a certain list of vendors in the GTA. Before they had one van and one hourly driver attempting to take care of a long list of daily stops. They signed on with Kawartha Courier and now have access to all of our drivers and our fleet covering different parts of the GTA at any given time. Now they no longer have to worry about how their single unit is going to get everything done, or the maintenance of a company owned van. They trust that everything will be picked up and delivered fast and efficient with Kawartha Courier!

You Bake, We'll Deliver

A local specialty bakery was sending their own company owned van to the Toronto area everyday. They wanted to ensure the special product was handled carefully and delivered fast, as some of the product was frozen. They assumed the easiest way to do this was send their own employee and vehicle. Then they contacted Kawartha Courier and we worked together to come up with a plan to deliver their goods in the same manner their own driver did: fast, efficient and carefully. After signing on with Kawartha Courier they can concentrate on their operation without worrying about operating their delivery company.

Saving Time on Deadlines

A busy local flooring company was constantly having a challenge getting material back from the GTA in time for booked installs. They contacted Kawartha Courier and we gave them a competitive rate to get the material back form the GTA the same day or early the next morning. Whether it is rolls of carpet or a skid of tile, the solution Kawartha Courier provided allows the company to meet deadlines and keep their customers happy.

Careful Delivery of Fragile Items

A local interior designer was looking for a way to get product back from the GTA. This proved to be a challenge with other trucking companies and larger courier companies due to the product often being fragile. After contacting Kawartha Courier she realized we do not use a sorting facility and often the driver who picks it up is the driver who delivers it, reducing the risk of the sensitive product being damaged. This gave her a leg up on the competition having quick and easy access to products not found locally for her customers.

Express Delivery to Toronto

A local man went to Toronto to take his aunt out for dinner, who was visiting from Scotland. After their meal, he drove her back to her hotel. When he arrived back to Peterborough, he realized she left her purse in the car. This was a huge problem because she was leaving on a plane the following day and her plane ticket and passport was in the purse! One call to Kawartha Courier the next morning and we were able to get the purse on one of our daily runs to the GTA. The aunt had her purse back in plenty of time to catch her flight for an affordable price!

Special Routes, No Problem

A local utility company had some workers in the field that required an important electronic chipboard to finish their project. A few barriers stood in their way though: 1. The project had to be finished by the end of the weekend, and 2. The chipboard was in Peterborough and the workers were 1950 km away in Red Lake, Ontario. They called Kawartha Courier and we dispatched a driver who drove the required chipboard straight there. 24 hours later, problems solved!

Creative Answers To Tricky Shipments

A small machine shop located 40 minutes north of Peterborough in a rural area, was looking for a solution to send their parts to the GTA several times a week to be heat treated. Larger courier companies required too much packaging per shipment, and the risk of loss or delays was not attractive. They phoned Kawartha Courier and we provided a solution where they could simply ship the items in an open bin and get their parts back on a quick turnaround. 15 years later they are quite happy with not having to worry about getting their parts back and forth to the GTA safely and quickly.

Rural Shipment Support

A large national courier company was looking for a local agent where they could drop off just a few shipments per day. Their own driver was struggling with his daily shipments due to a large service area. They found a solution with Kawartha Courier, now their own driver can concentrate on the city of Peterborough, while we take care of the misfit shipments in rural areas that would have tied up half of his day!

Reliable, Time-Sensitive Pickups

A local dairy needed a reliable and time sensitive way to get their samples to a lab in the GTA for daily testing. Rather than send an employee and worry about vehicle expenses and employee liabilities, they called Kawartha Courier. We gave them an easy and efficient solution to pick up the samples each morning and have them to the lab in Toronto the same afternoon. Problem solved!