Lights Camera Action: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 commercial profiles Kawartha Courier!

Kawartha Courier and some of it’s drivers got a moment in the spotlight this past Thursday as a portion of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 web commercial was shot at our warehouse and highlighted our new vans! How did this happen? Well, after we acquired our new 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 van and 2016 Sprinter Ext, our salesman Lubo Matviyiv from Mercedes-Benz Peterborough referred us to an advertising agency doing spotlights on Canadian businesses that are using the Sprinter 4×4. We got the call, and before we knew it a camera crew, advertising agency supervisors and Mercedes-Benz executives from Germany descended upon little ole Kawartha Courier’s warehouse here in Peterborough on March 31, 2016. Our small shop was a flurry of activity yesterday, and we felt a little bit like TV stars for a minute as we had our makeup applied and had our moment on camera. It was very interesting and exciting! They spent the day here and interviewed both Jen and Cindy on camera (who drive our Sprinters) and myself, Dylan. They profiled our business and how the Sprinters help us to be more efficient in our deliveries and how the 4×4 option makes us safer and more sure footed on back roads and in the winter. They also shot footage of Cindy driving down muddy back roads and delivering a shipment to a horse farm near Peterborough. At the end of the day they packed up and left as quick as they had come in. They were off to Quebec and then Alberta I believe to profile more Canadian businesses using the Sprinter 4×4. The web commercial should be on either Mercedes-Benz’s YouTube channel, or the MYVAN powered by Mercedes-Benz YouTube channel  or the MYVAN website near the end of May 2016. We cant wait to see the bit and hope our customers, friends and families get a kick out of it to! We will keep you posted and provide a link once the footage is posted. Thanks to all of the crew that came here yesterday, the Mercedes execs from Germany and especially Janet and Danielle from The Cargo Agency for an exciting day at Kawartha Courier!Commercial 1 Commercial 2

Kawartha Courier’s little warehouse was turned into a TV studio on Mar 31 2016 !

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